Terms of Business:

This is a legal agreement between your firm and Ian Cooper Communications Ltd (address / contact details below), for the use of the Converting Enquiries: Online Training System(s). (“The System”).


Rights of Use:

Your firm has full and unlimited access to the “The System” whilst ever the registration payments continue and have been received by us. All members of your firm, have the right to use the service, though name / emails of those going through the training will be required. This is in order that a monitored training service can be delivered to them via a personal login.

Additional and new firm members will also have access to “The System”, whilst ever payments are up to date, but email details of additional personnel will be required as mentioned.

The firm details for firm members can be managed by the “Group Leader” (the individual at the firm who processes the Sign Up) via the “Manage Your Group” menu. https://convertingenquiries.com/training/group-registration/

Please note: This option only appears in the Menu for Group Leaders and Standard participants do not have access to this facility.

Please also note that the firm consents to all those listed as registered users of the “The System” receiving relevant emails in respect of the training.

Group Leaders can be changed by contacting us using the contact form here: https://convertingenquiries.com/training/contact/


Cancellation promise:

There is no fixed contract period. Payments will automatically be taken out every 30 days following sign up to the payments system, but the firm has the right to cancel its registration at anytime. Group Leaders can cancel membership by amending your firm’s subscription settings in “My Account” (https://convertingenquiries.com/training/my-account/subscriptions/) Simply select “View” in the subscription you wish to amend to bring up the various options.

Once cancellation has been activated no further renewal charges will be taken out. “The System” will be not be accessible at the point at which the next renewal charge would have been due.

Firms have the ability to resubscribe at any point, subject to technical availability.


Guarantee promise:

We guarantee that if your team members complete the training modules, use the techniques correctly and don’t see an increase, we’ll refund whatever you have spent. Please note: that any liability for refund payments under this guarantee lie with Ian Cooper Communications Ltd directly and any refunds owing, in reference to this guarantee will be transferred directly by Ian Cooper Communications Ltd (not via the Stripe payment gateway).



Automatic payments are made using “Stripe” however any questions relating to payment issues should be directed to Ian Cooper Communications Ltd at the address / contact point below.

You can also contact us with any questions here: info@convertingenquiries.co.uk


Privacy and Confidentiality

All information relating to the firm’s training is confidential and details held will not be shared with third parties.


Intellectual Property:

All intellectual property rights to the Online Training System(s) belong to Professor Ian Cooper and Howard Cooper.

All elements of “The System” are protected and subject to strict copyright and no part of any aspect of “The System” or content, can be used, distributed, licensed or sold in any form, or on any basis, other than for the internal training purposes intended, without the explicit permission of the owners of the intellectual property.


SRA ‘Continuing Competence Scheme’

The Online Training System(s) takes into account the SRA’s ‘Continuing Competence Scheme’ and will enable users to reflect on the quality of: what you currently do on this topic; identify learning and development needs; develop skills and record and evaluate progress. SRA Competency – C


Contact details:

Ian Cooper Communications Ltd,
Registered Office:
26 Grosvenor Road,
Phone: 0208 953 6262
Email: ian@iancooper.co.uk