Converting Website Quotes: Success After The ‘Transparency Rules’

Once you have to indicate your fees for residential conveyancing on your website, what can you do to get potential clients to choose you … even when you are the same price, or more expensive than competitors?

Solution: To help firms deal with this challenge, Britain’s leading specialists on the topic of ‘converting conveyancing quotes’, Professor Ian Cooper & Howard Cooper, have recorded a ‘special’ webinar. It highlights why many firms will lose business that they could win and provide over 40 powerful, simple tips, ideas and suggestions on what firms can do to dramatically increase their website quotes conversion success rate.

The fact is that there has been a huge amount of discussion and focus over the last few months on the new Transparency Rules. Most of it however has focused on the rules themselves and how to comply. Let’s be very clear … simply complying won’t win you any new business! Learning how to differentiate yourselves online will.

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