The Psychology Behind Which Firm They Choose?

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VIDEO 1 – The Psychology Behind Which Firm They Choose:


Just for second, imagine that there were 5 new entrants to the legal market place. If you had to choose one of these organisations to help you with your legal needs… which one would you vote for? Cast your vote now and see live results of how others are also voting.

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The fact that you can even make a decision about which organisation you would choose, lends itself to an interesting point.

Think about it… given that these organisations don’t really have a legal arm (yet) it means that you can’t possibly have made decision about who you would use based on any reality of price, or even service… because these legal services don’t exist!

Instead, is it not true that you simply get a better “FEELING” with one than the other? Probably based on the brand association or your ideas of what that brand represents.

The point is… YOUR FEELINGS about it… are the thing that drives your decision… it isn’t THE PRICE, nor is it the LOGICAL reasons of why you should use them.

PEOPLE buy using feelings to guide them.


  • If all you do is give callers a price, then don’t be surprised if that is what they make their decision on. You leave them no choice.
  • The “FUZZY FACTOR” is key.
  • People choose what they want… not what they need.
  • Emotions are more powerful than logic!
  • The better you get the prospect to feel… the more they will want to buy from you.
  • REMEMBER this is your “TEST DRIVE”.

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