The Common Pitfalls & Traps: The Survey Results

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VIDEO 1 – The Common Pitfalls & Traps:


Based on our mystery call project to 387 firms, the following are the main results to remember:

  • 85% of firms deal with a quote call as if it were purely an administrative task.
  • 91% of firms made no attempt to differentiate themselves from the competition. 
  • 56% of call handlers failed to introduce themselves by name.
  • In a third of all calls, neither party knew who they were talking to.
  • 69% of firms just took the basic transactional details and sent out an auto-formatted email.
  • 92% of firms made no attempt to have a conversation or build any rapport at all. It is by doing this that you differentiate your firm from competitors.
  • 97% of firms failed to ask for the business.
  • Despite most legal website promising, “We speak in plain english”, most quotes handlers throw loads of legal jargon into the call.

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