Each month, whoever signed up originally to the system, will receive an email automatically once a month from info@convertingenquiries.co.uk The subject heading is, "Your Converting Enquiries Training renewal order from [date of renewal] is complete”. The invoice containing VAT details is attached to this email. Additionally, you can easily download the invoice following the instructions below:
  • If you aren't already... Log in to the system. Log In
  • Click on “MY ACCOUNT” in the menu.
  • Click on “Orders” on left hand sub-menu.
Here you can view and or download the VAT invoices directly.
For security reasons there is no way for us to find your password, however, you can easily re-access the system by clicking on the “lost my password” link on the login page here:
Your username is simply your email address and following this link will allow you to reset the system and choose a new password allowing you immediate access.
We will then switch it over and let you know when it's done.
If you have access to the mini-course specially designed for Group-Leaders and/or Management and you would like to give other people access to this thought-provoking material. Here is what to do...
  • Log in
  • In the Menu "GROUP LEADER" select "MANAGE MY GROUP" https://convertingenquiries.com/training/group-registration/
  • At the top under "Select Product" click the drop down box and select which course you wish to add users too.
  • Now simply scroll down and enter the details of the user you wish to enrol. (You can add multiple users by clicking "add more")
  • When you click "ADD USERS" it will send, those you entered the details for, an email with login details automatically giving them access to this course.
  • Any difficulties? Then simply email us via our tech support page https://convertingenquiries.com/training/contact-us-technical-help/
Or watch this short video to show you how...