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The ‘Converting Telephone Enquiries: Residential Conveyancing’, report / survey is officially published and you can have it to read free of charge right now.

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As if you needed any further reminders, we have been pulling this information together for the last three year and is based on..

  • Mystery calls for quotes to 387 firms nationwide
  • Interviews with senior management from residential conveyancing departments in over 100 firms
  • Feedback from over 1,000 call handlers
  • Plus some of the ‘quotes handling’ issues you have raised in response to some of my earlier emails about this issue.

You can use it to benchmark how you handle your ‘quotes calls’ against those surveyed.

For example…

Do you know how long firms are taking to get their promised email out? 

  • Arrived within the hour – 33%
  • Arrived same day – 39%
  • Arrived following day – 18%
  • Arrived several days later – 3%
  • Promise broken and not sent at all – 7%

And did you know that 97% of call handlers fail to end the call properly, thus risking the business.

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Professor Ian Cooper

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