A Quick Favour

Before releasing the FREE REPORT which explores all the issues surrounding ‘email conveyancing quotes letters’ from over 137 quotes calls we were wondering… could you do us a QUICK FAVOUR?


We are very close to releasing our long-awaited special FREE report / survey, on how firms of solicitors nationwide send out conveyancing quotes letters/emails.

This year’s report and review, is based on examining various aspects of email conveyancing quotes letters from 137 firms.

I can already announce that the results impact on every firm that sends out email quotes.

We will announce the exact date soon.


Before we finalise it however, I would love to ask you two very simple open (and short) questions about the topic. Can you help?

We can then do our best to include this additional information in the free report and you can use it to benchmark against your own performance and results.

(Note… your responses are totally confidential and nothing attributable will appear in the report).

I look forward to reading your responses.

The report will also contain commentary and point at strategic areas that will help firms maximise success rates.

Of course we will send you further information about the free report at a later stage and let you know how to get it.

With best wishes,

Professor Ian Cooper

Author of the ‘Financial Times Guide To Business Development’

1) What percentage of potential clients get in touch to go ahead, following your email quotes letter?
2) If there was one thing that you would like to be able to improve about your email quotes letter what would it be?

Your responses are kept totally confidential with nothing attributable appearing in the report.