A Quick Favour before releasing the FREE report on how firms of solicitors nationwide deal with incoming telephone requests asking for ‘conveyancing quotes’.


As mentioned we are very close to releasing our long-awaited special FREE report / survey, on how firms of solicitors nationwide are dealing with incoming telephone requests asking for ‘conveyancing quotes’.

Based on the results we already have, there are some key findings that will be of significance to every firm offering residential conveyancing services that may influence and help future results.

We have been gathering information for this project for more than three years and we plan to launch it later in the month.

We will announce the exact date soon.

It will be based, amongst other things, on…

  • The results of mystery calls for quotes to 387 firms nationwide
  • Interviews with senior management from residential conveyancing departments in 103 firms
  • Feedback from over 1,000 call handlers

Some of the areas looked at include:

  • How disbursements are dealt with
  • The question of differentiation
  • The emailing of quotes information
  • Telephone techniques
  • Who should handle the quotes?
  • Pricing issues
  • Plus more besides


Before we publish, we also want to ensure that we have dealt with those aspects that residential conveyancers regard as the most important.

That is why I am asking for your quick “off the cuff” support in answering the following two very short questions. (Note… your responses are totally confidential and nothing attributable will appear in the report).

I look forward to reading your responses.

The report will also contain commentary and strategic tips to help firms maximise success rates.

Of course we will send you further information about the free report at a later stage and let you know how to get it.

With best wishes,


Professor Ian Cooper

Author of the ‘Financial Times Guide To Business Development’

Your responses are kept totally confidential with nothing attributable appearing in the report.