Slater Gordon Solutions

“The feedback from everyone (over 350 attendees) has been phenomenally positive and I can testify personally to how engaging and informative his training is.” Maria Gibbins, Head of Learning Development

QualitySolicitors Talbots

“The training was a huge success with us, we were shown how to increase our conversion rate of enquiries to business from 30% – 75%.” Martyn Morgan, Former Managing Partner

Blaser Mills Solicitors

“The results have been very encouraging indeed. I am in no doubt that this upturn in the firm’s overall performance is due to the ‘Cooper Effect’!” Jonathan Lilley, Managing Partner

Brethertons Solicitors

“We have increased conversion rates from 50% of enquiries to consistently around 75%.  What’s more, they so enjoy that success, that they have asked for new team members to be trained in the same way.” Deborah Atkins